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Turning depression and anger at his spiraling personal life outward, Frank (Joel Murray) — with sidekick Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) — takes literal aim at the crasser forms of American pop culture.

'America': A Gleefully Violent Pop-Culture Pushback

In a black comedy taking aim at American popular culture, a middle-aged man with terminal cancer (Joel Murray) decides to kill lowlifes — including texting moviegoers and reality TV stars. Critic Ella Taylor says God Bless America is a one-trick pony, but delivers venomous cultural criticism.
A makeup artist demonstrates her skills at Monsterpalooza.

That's Not CGI: At Monsterpalooza, Monsters Are Real

As usual, this year's summer blockbusters will be stuffed with computer-created aliens, zombies or vampires. Not all filmmakers want virtual creatures, however; at Monsterpalooza, they make their monsters by hand.

'The Dictator' Rules With A Satirist's Fist

In his new film, Sacha Baron Cohen plays the authoritarian ruler of a fictional African nation.

Home Video Picks: 'Being John Malkovich'

Bob Mondello recommends the Criterion Collection's Blu-ray release of Being John Malkovich.

Johnny Carson: 'King Of Late Night,' A Man Unknown

Guy Raz talks with director Peter Jones about his documentary on Tonight Show host Johnny Carson.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Of 'Avengers' And The Other A-List

With Linda on vacation, an all-boys lineup discusses a big movie, bigger stars and happy things.

'Dark Shadows': A Remake Lacking Life And Luster

Johnny Depp plays a vampire in Tim Burton's adaptation of the vintage Gothic soap opera.

Pregnant And Puzzling Over How The 'Parts' Will Fit

A technologist still adjusting to her pregnancy goes on a road trip to visit family.

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A Teenage 'Hick,' Looking For Trouble On The Road

A Nebraska teen trades a dysfunctional family for the lights and lures of Sin City — and falls in with a worse crowd than any she'd ever had to deal with at home. - READ MORE

In Lebanon, Women Fight To Keep A Fragile Peace

In the second feature by Lebanese writer-director-star Nadine Labaki (Caramel), Christian and Muslim women in a Lebanese village try to keep the more impulsive and belligerent men from conflict. Critic Mark Jenkins says the well-meaning fable is ultimately more admirable than persuasive. - READ MORE

In Childhood, When 'I Wish' Equals An Action Plan

After a divorce, a young Japanese boy becomes obsessed with reuniting his family — and hopes that what he's heard about the power of wishes can make it happen. - READ MORE

When Mystery Writer Meets Pinup Girl (Who's Dead)

When the body of a Marilyn Monroe-look-alike is found after an apparent suicide in a sleepy French town, a Paris-based mystery novelist decides to investigate. Critic Mark Jenkins says the film is a smart if outlandish whodunit. - READ MORE

'Where Do We Go?' Lebanese Women Pave The Way

A group of women are determined to stop their hotheaded men from starting a religious war in Where Do We Go Now?, a bittersweet comedy from Lebanese director Nadine Labaki. The film has broken box office records in the Middle East. - READ MORE

'Dark Shadows': A Vampire Returns, Without His Bite

Johnny Depp stars in and Tim Burton directs a feature-film adaptation of the cult Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, about a 18th-century vampire transplanted to the 1970s. Critic and longtime Dark Shadows fan David Edelstein says the camp sendup of the show is lifeless and unfunny. - READ MORE

'Dark Shadows': The Birth Of The Modern TV Vampire

When it comes to monsters on television, vampires have the market cornered. And so popular are TV vampires that opening this weekend is a movie based on the grand-sire of all vampire TV shows: Dark Shadows. Elizabeth Blair takes a look at the evolution of a TV character that will never die. - READ MORE

'Avengers' May Mitigate Disney's 'John Carter' Flop

Audie Cornish talks to Sharon Waxman, editor in chief of TheWrap.com, about Disney's earnings report that was released Tuesday. Waxman says Disney made $702 million on its new film The Avengers, and took a loss of $200 million on John Carter. - READ MORE

Maurice Sendak, 'Really Rosie' and The Intelligence Of Children

On the passing of Maurice Sendak, a look at Really Rosie, his collaboration with Carole King and one of the greatest children's albums ever. - READ MORE

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction In 'Bernie'

Melissa Block talks with Skip Hollandsworth about Bernie — a new film he co-wrote with Richard Linklater. The project started out as a Texas Monthly article Hollandsworth wrote back in 1998 called "Midnight in the Garden of East Texas." At the heart of the story is Bernie Tiede — a 39-year-old soft-spoken assistant at the local funeral home — who admitted to killing an 81-year-old heiress and stealing her money. - READ MORE