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Nuralagus rex, an extinct giant rabbit that lived on the island of Minorca, seen compared to a European rabbit.

Monster-Sized Rabbits Discovered; Sadly, They Can't Hop

Some 3 to 5 million years ago, giant wild rabbits roamed the Mediterranean island of Minorca. These fuzzy giants of the past were six times as big as ordinary, modern-day rabbits, but they lacked some bunny basics.
This would count. But even washing the dishes helps fend off dementia in old age.

Staying Active Fends Off Alzheimer's, Even In People Over 80

Activity fends off Alzheimer's disease in people over 80, according to new research that tracked the movements of people in their 80s. And just going stuff counts. It doesn't have to be "exercise."

Too Many Cooks, Not Enough Fish. What's The Solution?

If we don't notice that animals are in decline, do we keep eating until they're gone permanently?

120 Giants Found Living With 86 Year Old Man

What inspired an 86-year-old to live among giant tortoises in the Indian Ocean?

Actress Mayim Bialik On TV, Science, And The Combo

How Bialik went from 'Blossom' to 'The Big Bang Theory,' and got a PhD in between.

Cracking The Egg Sprinkler Mystery

When a hard-boiled egg is spun in milk, the milk will wick up the sides and spray off the equator.

Who Killed Men's Hats? Think Of A Three Letter Word Beginning With 'I'

Robert Krulwich, and his hat-maker father, Allen Krulwich, have a theory on the demise of the hat.

Fetal Attraction

Cells from fetal boys and girls hang around in their mothers for decades. But why?

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A Most Peculiar Sunset

Think about the sunsets you've seen. Often the sky turns golden, orange or sometimes pink and red. But on Mars, the sunsets are blue. Why? - READ MORE

To Predict Dating Success, The Secret's In The Pronouns

A psychologist says he can predict whether two people will end up on a date by analyzing their language style and use of certain words. His research on language can also help explain power dynamics between people. - READ MORE

Weekend Special: Books So Good You Want To Become Them

Some books are so good, we want to open them up and jump right in if we could. The Academy Award-winning short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore brings this feeling to life in an amazingly imaginative way. - READ MORE

The Delights Of Reading Upside Down

The Romans played with palindromes in the form of the famous "Sator Square." Today, modern artists have created "ambigrams" — words and phrases in creative fonts that can be read in the mirror or upside down. - READ MORE

Little Red Riding Hood Gets A 21st Century Attitude

She's been visiting grandma since 1697, when her story was first published in a French anthology of children's stories. Now, more than 147 versions of the story later, a Swedish designer has turned the tale into a snappy PowerPoint-like sales infographic. - READ MORE

Getting Drunk On Stars

For Vi Hart, a self-professed math geek, patterns, shapes and numbers are like wine; they make her giddy, speed up her already speedy conversational style, and lead her into drawing dizzying illustrations. - READ MORE

Weekend Special: I Can't Not Tell You This

Fred Warren, who runs PostSecret.com, learns secrets from people all over the world. - READ MORE

The Strange Persistence Of Shoes At Sea

When explorer Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic on the sea floor in 1985, he also found a pair of leather shoes sitting on the deck near the stern of the ship. - READ MORE

Jonah And His Many, Many Whales

Is it possible that humans are too creative? Innovation creates a wonderful paradox, says author Jonah Lehrer: "Creativity is the only solution to the very real problem of creativity." - READ MORE

Wind At Sea Is Strangely Van Goghish, Says NASA

Sea surface currents look uncannily like a van Gogh sky. In this visualization, watch how wind dances on the ocean's surface, twisting and turning around the continents. - READ MORE