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The Art Of Video Games Trailer

Blasts From The Past: The Art Of Video Games

Hopper, Hockney, Lichtenstein. Among these great artists featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., you'll now find Lara Croft and Earthworm Jim.

The Santaland Philharmonic Orchestra In Rehearsal

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

You Two, Move To The Back Of The Line

Every answer is a six-letter word. Move the first two letters to the end and you get another word.

Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait Plays Not My Job

The writer-director's latest movie is a black comedy called God Bless America.

Meet The Puzzle Gurus

What do you call a person who always knows the answers? An Ask Me Another puzzle guru, of course.

Brave Sir Robin Ran Away, But The Puzzle Is Still OK

Name something in a given category beginning with each of the letters of the word "robin."

Former Talk Show Host Dick Cavett Plays Not My Job

We ask him about three real people whose names are remarkably descriptive of who they are.

The Man Who Knew Too Much. Way Too Much.

Breakfast cereal haikus and pop culture challenges, plus, a mystery guest's apocalyptic prophesies.

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John Hodgman: How Much Does The Know-It-All Know?

Our Mystery Guest is a renaissance man--he's been a cheesemonger, literary agent, traffic counter and more. A self-proclaimed expert in eschatology, the study of endings and destiny, he's a perfect candidate for our quiz on apocalyptic predictions. - READ MORE

Implausibles, Assemble!: Other Hollywood Character Pile-Ups We'd Like To See

With The Avengers arriving in theaters, we think about what other motley collections of movie characters we could put together for superfilms. - READ MORE

It's Kentucky Derby Weekend: Name Your Hypothetical Horse

We encourage you to get into the spirit of the Kentucky Derby by imagining you own a horse and giving it a name. - READ MORE

To Cross This Puzzle Safely, Look Left And Right

Every answer today is a familiar three-word phrase in which the second word is "and" and the first word starts with the letter "L." You'll be given the last word of the phrase, and you identify the first word, starting with "L." For example, given "master," the answer would be "lord," as in "lord and master." - READ MORE

Director Barry Sonnenfeld Plays Not My Job

Sonnenfeld either directed or shot some of the best movies of the '80s and '90s. He was the cinematographer on the Coen Brother's first movies, and directed the Men in Black movies and Get Shorty, among other works of dark genius. His movie Men in Black III is coming out in May. - READ MORE

For Baseball Fans, May the Force Be With You

What if Darth Vader was not just controlling the Death Star, but also the Yankees? Commentator Hart Seely thinks he, like Luke's father, can influence plays on the field form afar. How do you impact your team from your couch? Tell us your secret baseball-watching rituals in the comments. - READ MORE

A Puzzle Worthy Of Don Draper

You'll be given classic advertising slogans and catch phrases in which the letters of the last word are scrambled. First, unscramble the word. Then name the product or company that is the advertiser. For example, given "Get a piece of the cork," the answer would be "Get a piece of the rock," which is a slogan of the Prudential Insurance Company. - READ MORE

What Makes Games Like 'Angry Birds' So Addictive?

Angry Birds — a mobile phone game in which players use a slingshot to propel birds at tiny little green pigs — has been a runaway hit since its 2009 release, with more than 700 million downloads, a TV show and a feature film in the works. It isn't alone. A New York Times Magazine piece by critic-at-large Sam Anderson looks at people's fascination with — and addiction to — what Anderson calls "stupid games." - READ MORE

Poetry Match Game

We asked some NPR personalities to tell us what poems they might recite to a friend during Poetry Month. - READ MORE

A Challenge That Is Initially Famous

You'll be given a two- or three-word description of a famous person. The initial letters of the description are also the initials of the person. - READ MORE