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Game changer Yul Kwon at NPR.

Yul Kwon, From Bullying Target To Reality TV Star

Korean-American Yul Kwon went from being bullied in school, to being named one of People magazine's 'Sexiest Men Alive.' The Yale-educated lawyer catapulted to stardom when he won the reality TV show Survivor. He talks with host Michel Martin about his efforts to change the game for Asians and how they're reflected in media.
In the Oscar-nominated Cold War thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Cumberbatch played Peter Guillam, one of several British secret agents suspected of being a Russian double agent.

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Sherlock,' Smaug And Spying

Sherlock and its star return to PBS's Masterpiece Mystery for a second season Sunday. The actor talks about his 21st-century Sherlock Holmes — and about his ascendant star in Hollywood.

Thank The Patron Saint Of Bakers For This Cake Today

The French honor the patron saint of baking with cream-filled cake topped with caramelized sugar.

'Kickstart Shakespeare': Of Sonnets, Beer, And Online Fundraising

One New York theater organization is raising money to bring Shakespearean sonnets straight to you.

ABC's Fall Schedule: Reba McEntire, Country Music, And Satan The Landlord

ABC's schedule features some old favorites, an old comedy structure, and two country-themed shows.

Long-Term Investments On Shaky Stocks: 'New Girl' And 'Smash' End Their Seasons

How two hyped shows paid viewers back for their investment in very different ways.

Johnny Carson Gets The 'Masters' Treatment

American Masters serves up a two-hour biography of late-night TV host Johnny Carson.

Pounding Away At America's Obesity Epidemic

The dramatic growth of obesity in the U.S is the subject of a new HBO documentary series.

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What Inspires Singer Simone

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'Dark Shadows': The Birth Of The Modern TV Vampire

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Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon Was Fashion Revolutionary

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