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Want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the ultimate battle of brainpower for high school students in Massachusetts? Volunteer for High School Quiz Show!

High School Quiz Show Volunteers

Nearly 500 students representing 120+ public and private schools from across Massachusetts will fill WGBH on Super Sunday, November 16th to take a qualifying quiz. The incentive? The top-scoring teams will compete in Season 6 of High School Quiz Show.

We’re looking for 80 volunteers to help moderate and score the quiz, as well as to get teams to their testing rooms.  Teams will arrive in staggered shifts throughout the day and each team takes an oral quiz.

Volunteers are asked to make a full-day commitment, from 9am-6pm (breakfast and lunch will be provided).  **Please note, new Super Sunday volunteers must attend a mandatory training session on Wednesday, November 12 from 6:30pm-7:30pm (dinner will be provided). 

Please review the position descriptions and fill out the form below if you'd like to help. Please make sure to include the following information:

- Your full name

- Preferred position

- Prior education and/or test giving experience (for Moderator position)


Moderator (must be 25+ years)

·Enforces all rules in a fair and judicious manner

·Reads all questions and determines if the given answer is correct or incorrect

·Spells difficult or foreign words

·Keeps informal time count for responses

·Ensures materials and results remain confidential

·Position requirements: Moderators must have a clear voice and strong command of the English language.  Prior education experience is also a plus.


Scorekeeper (must be 20+ years)

·Notes correct and incorrect answers on a score sheet while quiz is being administered

·Ensures score is consistent with the team coach’s score sheet after each section of the quiz is completed

·Adds up categories to determine the official score of the quiz

·Secures the signature of the coach, thereby signifying agreement on total point count

·Position requirements: Scorekeeper must be competent in math, organized and accurate.



·Greets teams and coaches as they arrive to ‘GBH

·Checks schools off a printed registration list

·Answers general questions about the day’s events

·Distributes gift bags (one per team) as teams depart

·Position requirements: Registration volunteers must be friendly, organized and outgoing.



·Keeps guests out of the Yawkey Theater until its time for them to be matched up with Moderators and Scorekeepers

·Runs the elevator to testing room floors

·Checks testing rooms and signs on their floors; takes down signs at the end of the day

·Provides schools with directions to testing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

·Position requirements: Floaters must be friendly, outgoing and eager to provide assistance to guests.



·Takes pictures of event activities, student participants and guests.


Photographer’s Assistant

·Walks with photographers during the event, records names of people in pictures and asks guests in photos to fill out appearance release forms.


If you are interested in volunteering for High School Quiz Show, please fill out the form below.


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