Big little things for starting your week....

By Cathy Fuller


First, because it’s Monday and the idea of joyfully propelling yourself through the thrilling chaos of life may not yet have occurred to you, let me offer this little wonder, just in case you’ve missed him:

On top of all that mind-boggling baton technique and innate knowledge of the score, he’s so totally animated by the spirit of Beethoven, you’d think there was no more wonderful thing in the universe than living inside the Fifth Symphony!

Something else I hope will interest you:  Today at 10:00 it’s the usual dip into some of the New and Notable recordings that have caught my ear.  Israeli-born pianist Shai Wosner has just released an Onyx CD that interweaves music by Brahms and Schoenberg.  I’ll have for you the marvelous Brahms Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel, and a sampling of the interweaving he offers of the Fantasies, Op. 116, by Brahms and Schoenberg’s Klavierstücken, Op. 19.

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