The Claremont Trio at the Gardner Museum



Boston has a new artistic landmark. The new wing of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum opens its doors, and Classical New England celebrates this exciting new space.

To hear the inaugural concert, with a world premiere by Sean Shepherd as well as music by Mozart and Mendelssohn, all performed by the Claremont Trio, click on "Listen" above.

Claremont Trio (image courtesy of the artists)

The Gardner Museum has held a prominent, if iconoclastic, position in Boston's arts firmament since its first days over a century ago. Music, valued by Mrs. Gardner throughout her life, has also played a vital role in the museum's life.

Now, with the opening of the Calderwood Performance Hall, that commitment to music as a vital form of artistic expression finds new life at the Gardner. Designed, along with the rest of the new wing, by Renzo Piano, with acoustics by Yasuhisa Toyota, Calderwood is a performance space like no other. Arranged in a cube with four levels of audience seating, there is no obvious up- or down-stage, giving musicians and listeners alike a new perspective in experiencing concerts.

Here is a slideshow of a few views of the new wing of the Gardner Museum:


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