Turkey Tetrazzini In The Tents?

By Phillip Martin


Nov. 24, 2011

BOSTON — On Thanksgiving, Occupy Boston activists fanned out in different directions across the region. Some joined the annual Native American march in Plymouth to protest what they called “revisionist” American history. Others volunteered at area homeless shelters. Those that remained at the Dewey Square campsite in downtown Boston were treated to Thanksgiving dinners by strangers.
Occupy member Drake Higgins told WGBH News that it was a "memorable" Thanksgiving.

“We went through like 10 or 13 turkeys. And we still have more turkey than we know what to do with,” he said. “Turkeys, pies, anything you could think of wanting for Thanksgiving, it’s here.”
The gifts came from sources perhaps expected and perhaps not, Higgins said.
 “Soccer moms… older people that protested back in the ‘70s. It was an amazing thing to see everybody come together like that.”


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