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Garden "Gnomes"

The terrestrial gastropod mollusks on today’s mural—snails, if you will—have adapted to a wide variety of conditions and can be found on land, sea, and fresh water. We may be dismayed to see garden snails and their shell-less relatives, slugs, enjoying the results of our careful cultivation, but must remember that we’re lucky they aren’t giant African land snails, which can grow up to 15 inches long!

Snails of all kinds are eaten as a delicacy in some countries, and as a last-ditch source of protein in others. The mucus of certain species is used to produce regenerative skin creams. All land snails are hermaphrodites, so finding a mate poses no problem!

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Image credit:  Flickr/Property#1: Snail-4

Funding for WGBH’s digital mural has been provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, a program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, administered through a collaborative arrangement between MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


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