Final Grade: The State Of The Union Report Card

By WGBH News

Jan. 26, 2012

BOSTON — President Barack Obama did his best to convince the American public of his vision going forward. You gave him ... mixed grades. Here's the rundown as of Jan. 26, 5:30 p.m.

state of the union results
A 66.7% - B 15.2% - C 3.9% - D 4.8% - F 9.5%

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State of the Union 2012
Obama addresses the nation on Jan. 24, 2012. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

And some extra calls and comments:

An A from Rosemary of Pembroke

A-plus: "He is a family man that understands the middle class"

An A from East Falmouth: "It was positive, hit on most important issues, very little bashing of other side, progressive, spoke to problems with divided Congress and country." 

A from Somerville: "Energizing; optimistic; combined immediate and longer-term goals for growth." 

From Boston, B: "Strong words and good delivery, but lofty ideas for problems 3 years old; passing buck to Congress."

Another B from Boston: "Where was this forceful Obama the last three years. Yet the fed. should get out of education and let the states decide what is needed." 

C: "Too many hollow promises, more government involvement in our lives." 

From Brewster, F: "Repeat of former State of the Union address speeches. All he can do and has done is talk!"

F: "Total bs. What has he done to improve unemployment??? Just more government."

Miss the address? Read the transcript or watch an enhanced video.

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