Oct. 5: The Lives of Children

By Cathy Fuller


This morning at 10:00am, I’ll pay tribute to Claude Debussy's warm observance of the lives of children with his Children’s Corner Suite.  Debussy so tenderly captured the secret worlds that children inhabit. He understood the essence of the sweet quickness that moves children from universe to universe when they are deeply absorbed – a determined little dance that melts the heart.

I hope you can take a moment for a short film – it captures that determined little dance, too. It includes three of the pieces from the Children's Corner Suite, which  Debussy dedicated to his little daughter Claude-Emma (“Chouchou”). And it represents a  layering of great minds:  Emile Vuillermoz, music critic, biographer of Debussy and friend and student of Ravel; filmmaker Marcel L'Herbier;  pianist Alfred Cortot; and composer Claude Debussy.   What sweet magic!

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