Boston Children's Chorus Celebrates MLK Day

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The Boston Children's Chorus sings a program to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the program:

Battle of Jericho - arr. Moses Hogan
   Premier Choir, Young Men's Ensemble

When the Sun Rose Up This Morning - Stephen Feigenbaum
   Premier Choir, Young Men's Ensemble

Ho Boys Cancha Line 'Em - arr. Leonard De Paur, edited by Anthony Trecek King
   Young Men's Ensemble, Branden Miles, soloist

Deep River from "A Child of Our Time" - arr. Michael Tippett
   Premier Choir, Young Men's Ensemble

Strange Fruit - Abe Meeropol, arr. Kristina G. Boerger
   Premier Choir

"Dreams" from Dream Trilogy - Rollo Dilworth
   Premier Choir; Sarah Koonce, piano; David Wade, guitar; Kyle Miles, bass; Pieter Struyk, percussion

Wade in the Water - arr. Moses Hogan
   Premier Choir; Young Men's Choir; Melinda Doolittle, vocals

Boston Children's Chorus
Anthony Trecek-King, Artistic Director

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(photo by Cheryl Willoughby)