HumankindIn these times of fast-paced change and challenge, how do we hold on to our humanity?

Each week, public radio's award-winning Humankind presents answers from the doers and dreamers who strive to make our planet a more humane and livable place. Through David Freudberg's moving documentaries and dialogues, we hear the voices of community: forward thinkers, peacemakers, health and education leaders, practitioners of spirituality and simplicity, environmental champions, media pioneers, grass roots volunteeers and many others. Humankind focuses on solutions, not just problems. It speaks directly to the core values that define public radio's mission: qualities of the heart and spirit that reflect idealism, participation in public life and culture, civility, generosity and humor.

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About host David Freudberg

David FreudbergBased in Boston and heard nationwide, Freudberg entered public radio as a high school intern during NPR's first year of broadcasting. He came to WGBH at age 19 and has remained in the field ever since. Freudberg has written and produced more than 100 full-length documentaries.

Humankind was launched in 1997 with major grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It is produced in association with WGBH and distributed worldwide by NPR. Humankind is also heard weekends on the NPR channel of Sirius XM.

Freudberg's programs have aired on PRI as well as the British, Canadian and Australian broadcasting corporations. His documentaries have been honored with the duPont/Columbia, Gabriel, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Federation of Community Broadcasters and other awards. Freudberg's articles have been featured in publications from The Washington Post to the Huffington Post. In addition, he has served as both Principal Investigator and Executive Producer for five major health communication projects funded by the National Institutes of Health and has been a regular guest lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health.

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