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Martha's May adventures

Martha's May adventures

Martha Speaks

On Monday, May 10, Martha Speaks kicks off a week of new episodes on WGBH!


8/23/14 6:00 AM
'GBH Kids
8/24/14 5:00 AM
'GBH Kids
8/24/14 6:00 AM
'GBH Kids
8/25/14 5:00 AM
'GBH Kids
The Opera Contest; Maestro Martha Martha's Millions; Carolina's Gifted The Opera Contest; Maestro Martha Martha: Deadline Doggie; It's the Giant Pumpkin, Martha

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Martha loses the ability to speak after the soup company cuts down on the number of letters in each can of its product; Helen must train Skits to behave or he'll become an outdoor-only dog.

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