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WGBH's Martha Speaks is designed to bolster the oral vocabulary of 4- to 7-year-olds, engaging them with humor and imagination. With two stories in each episode, kids will get to know Martha as an outspoken, honest, smart, confident dog who loves to eat (and talk!).

Martha Speaks: Holiday Week

Premieres Monday, Nov.  17, 6pm, 2:30pm, WGBH 2

In "We're Powerless," a blackout in Wagstaff City renders Helen, T.D. and Truman incapable of playing their favorite videogame, Multi-Dimensional Intergalactic Kleine Nachtgopher Attack Four. But with a little imagination, a basket of laundry and some salad tongs, these nachtgophers might not be so powerless after all.

Monday-Friday at 11:30am on 'GBH Kids; and at 2:30pm on WGBH 2

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Martha's May adventures

Martha's May adventures

Martha Speaks

On Monday, May 10, Martha Speaks kicks off a week of new episodes on WGBH!


10/24/14 5:00 AM
'GBH Kids
10/24/14 11:30 AM
'GBH Kids
10/24/14 3:00 PM
10/25/14 5:00 AM
'GBH Kids
Skits and Mr. Scruffles; Brave Truman Skits and Mr. Scruffles; Brave Truman Skits and Mr. Scruffles; Brave Truman April Fools; Bully for You!

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