In-kind Donation Opportunities


There are many ways to express your support for WGBH as a Business Member Partner, and many ways for us to thank you.

In-kind donations are a win-win proposition!

You donate goods or services that help WGBH continue to create and deliver high-quality programs and services to our diverse audience. In return, WGBH will proudly acknowledge your generosity in a way that helps raise your profile in the community.

What kinds of donations are welcome?

We welcome donations of goods and services that will help WGBH reduce our operating costs. Examples include:

  • Food/beverages/linens for WGBH events, and pledge drives
  • Items/services for The WGBH Auction and The WGBH Fine Wine Auction
  • Printing services/paper
  • Gift cards to be used as thank-you gifts during our pledge drives
  • Prize items for raffles or on-air contests to motivate viewers and listeners to contribute

Donations have ranged from coffee mugs and program-related CDs or DVDs to entire-house seating for local theatrical performances, to home-theater electronics, cars, and cruises. We encourage your community spirit and we're open to your suggestions!

In return, WGBH will acknowledge your generosity in a variety of ways based on your giving level. You'll enjoy Business Member Partners Program benefits (including a subscription to the Partners' Page, our quarterly electronic bulletin exclusively for our Business Member Partners) and more. Donations with a cash value of $7,500 or more reap additional benefits.

Learn more about our WGBH Business Member Partners Program or contact us directly today!